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Chapter 1: The Meeting

  • Posted on: 6 August 2015
  • By: Guilty Pleasures

“Don’t look for someone who will solve all your problems; look for someone who will face them with you.”


Chapter 1


If you took a look at Lealand Sadowsky’s life, you would think he had it pretty easy. He owns a house, has a decent job and overall seems to have a good head on his shoulders but that would be deceiving. Life was never easy for him, there were some hard choices he had to make early on in his life and if you looked into his eyes you could see that the decisions did weigh heavily on him. Everyone else who doesn’t look closely see’s him as happy go lucky person who makes it seem like everything easy.


He was dating a pretty good looking woman, the relationship was good, sex was good but he knew she wasn’t someone he’d spend the rest of his life with. Being a hopeless romantic at heart he thought he knew the answer to that, unfortunately that ended in a rocky divorce. It changed him more than he’d like to admit and shook his own confidence. It wasn’t that he was a studly looking guy, he was just average looking, black hair, 5’ 10”, wearing glasses so to most he was an average geek. He could confidently hold his own in conversations, there was a mysterious air about him that made it easy for people to relax around him.


A midlife crisis is what his friends would probably say he is having. Making the decision to go into game design was new phase for him, he was just tired of always working contract jobs and not having stability he could control. Luckily the current job he had was fairly lenient with his hours so he could make his own schedule, providing he completed his assignments. That gave him more free time to game, design and start going to conventions to network more. He did have have a backup plan, that meant finding a roommate that would cover the mortgage just in case.




“I’m coming,” Lealand shouted towards the door as he approached. Whoever was ringing the doorbell and insistently knocking clearly didn’t understand that it actually took time to walk from the living room to the door. He opened the door, “Can I help you?”.


“Is Leialand here?”


There were two beautiful looking woman standing there, it was obvious which one was ringing the buzzer since she already looked agitated. She was tall with blond hair, blue eyes with thick pouty lips and decent pair of breasts. It wasn’t like he didn’t know the type, she definitely looked like she would be fun in bed. He was about to answer when he made eye contact with the other woman, she was gorgeous and if he still believed in love at first sight he probably would have asked her to marry him. She had beautiful strawberry blond hair, her skin was porcelain, he wanted to kiss her lips and…


“If you’re done gawking, can I talk to Leialand?”


He shook his head and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry I was taken back by two beautiful woman at my door. Unfortunately you have the wrong address, there is no Leialand here. My name is Lealand.” He extended out his hand to her as a truce offering and to be polite.


There was a slight pause before she daintily shook his hand. He recognized the slight down and upward gaze of her eyes, he could almost hear the mental gears in her head and she determined if he was good looking, dangerous or harmless usually in that order. Her stance showed she relaxed a little, so he was going with harmless.


“I’m here about the ad in the paper. I’m pretty sure the address is correct, GPS and all.”


Recognition dawned on him as he nodded. “Yes the ad. I almost completely forgot. There must have been a mispelling, my name is Lealand and I did place the ad. I had about given up on anyone responding. Please come in and take a look,” he said opening the door wide and stepping aside.


The two women glanced at each other, shrugged and then stepped inside. “This place looks really nice. At first we weren’t going to stop by because it looked too good to be true, the price seems chea… inexpensive. My name is Susan and the one you went doe eyed over is Madison.”


“I wasn’t doe eyed, just caught off guard. Normally there are only kids from the college around here and they are always pranking.” He lead them from the foyer, into the kitchen and the rest of the house which had an open concept. The kitchen looked new, since it was completely remodeled, quartz countertops, an island, stainless steel appliances and had a nice dining room table next to it.


“We do go to the college,” Madison said as she looked around the place. “Susan and I were going to get a place and room together originally. But the place she is at doesn’t allow pets.”


“We’re pet friendly here, providing you don’t have like 100 cats or something. You are responsible for your own cleanup though. It does have 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The room for rent is over there, next to the bathroom and the other bedroom is an office.”


Madison and Susan moved from the kitchen, through the living room towards the bedroom. They could see the backyard through the french doors in the living room, it had high fences, looked private and had a hot tub.


“That is cool,” Madison said looking at the bathroom next to the bedroom. “This section of the hall has its own door, so you can separate the bedroom and bathroom from the rest of the house.”


“Yep. It also has its own keylock to ensure that space feels safe and private. Although it doesn’t have its own private ensuite like the master bedroom, it does have the next best thing. You would get a private bathroom, guests would use the other one by the office.”


Madison seemed excited as she checked out the empty bedroom. “It even has a small walk in closet.”


Susan leaned against the hallway door frame. She no longer seemed to be in bitch mode but she also wasn’t looking openly friendly either. “This all seems too good to be true, why is the rent so cheap?” Her tone seemed wary given how she was eyeing the doorway to the master bedroom across the living room.


“Honestly I hadn’t planned on renting it to a woman”


“Oh, ok.” She came out of the bedroom, clearly disappointed now it seemed like she couldn’t rent the place.


“It isn’t that I wouldn’t, I just didn’t think about it. I have a decent job, I may be traveling on and off to a lot to conventions. This helps make sure the mortgage is taken care of and the house is watched. Since we’re close to the college, I figured that some college kid would snatch it up. That was 3 weeks ago, apparently it does sound too good to be true.”


“So you aren’t a pervert, sex offender, serial murderer then?”




“One out of three isn’t that bad,” Leiland said with a laugh as he winked at Madison.


Susan suddenly stood up straight, nervously asked, “Wait, which one is it then?”


Madison and Leiland made eye contact, he could see there was this little twinkle in her eyes and they both started laughing. When Susan asked again confused, they just kept laughing.


“I knew I shouldn’t have put a deposit on that last place. Thank you for showing us the place,” Madison said as she walked past him.


Susan walked after her. “Madison I’m sorry. We’ve been looking at places literally all day long, this is probably the hundredth place and I thought since it’s been available for so long it was a dump. That last place seemed like the best until we saw this.”


He couldn’t help to admire them both, they were beautiful women and the high heels, short skirts with a great looking asses. Unlike the normal bimbos he has been used too, these two were clearly intelligent which meant they were definitely out of his league, not to mention he already has a girlfriend.


Her perfume was still lingering in the air from when Madison walked past him, it smelled like cherry blossoms. He smiled watching her hips move side to side as they walked through the living room. When she passed by the dining room table, he was assaulted with a vivid image of her bent over the table, her skirt lifted up while was sliding in behind her. Stop it! Remember girlfriend and it looks like they aren’t interested! He shook his head clearing his thoughts.


“My number is on the ad,” he said walking up to them briskly to catch up. “That is if you change your mind.” He slowed down, not wanting to seem too eager, as he casually slid a hand into his pocket to help hide that he now was hard.


Madison paused at the door to turn back towards him. “Thank you for letting us see the place. Good luck with the conventions,” she said before catching up to Susan who was already waiting by the car.


He closed the door, resting his forehead on the door. Well that was stupid! What the hell was with the visual images? He was snapped out of his thoughts from the knocking on the door, quickly he flew open the door, probably a bit too hurriedly, hoping to see Madison. Instead the FedEx guy was there with a package. Maybe it was a good thing one of them wasn’t renting a room from him, he was getting way too excited.


[girlfriend calls, small talk]

[add more descriptions of the house, create mockup floor-plan in Sims 4]

[create character bios for cast]